Carbon-Offsetting Business Sustainability & ESG

Business sustainability is an opportunity to build a more sustainable business and is also a key differentiator to enhance relevancy and building trust with stakeholders. A strong and meaningful ESG program can set the vision for an organization’s environmental and societal influence, providing value both internally and externally.

At CCSL, our Business Sustainability and ESG services assist businesses in integrating sustainability into their product offerings and business operations.

Business Sustainability and ESG can help in:
To help you achieve the best of services, CCSL’s team has mapped out the process

We consider and assess the ESG strengths, maturity and areas of a client’s company to help it improve and benchmark against competitors.

We identify and provide methods for ESG fulfilment, meeting stakeholders’ expectations and ascertain value creation.

We strategize and outline roadmaps for implementing ESG that meet the organization’s mission, purpose and values. Additionally, we provide tips on already existing ESG practices/improving ESG performance.

We support implementation of the roadmap through data collection, communication, method development and training.

We ensure that all our frameworks are aligned with the new legal requirements such as the BRSR, as well as CDP, SASB, TCFD, GRI etc.

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Business Sustainability & ESG