A Catalyst For Environment

CCSL aims to provide innovative solutions to some of the world's most pressing environmental challenges. In order to advance sustainability, we statistically analyze these challenges, devise strategies for their abatement and offset the carbon footprint and help organizations achieve sustainable goals.


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CCSL - an All in One Solution

CCSL Consulting aspires to be your partner and advisor on sustainability, climate, energy transition, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG). We work with clients to lead waves of innovation and economic growth that safeguard our planet and advance sustainability.

Our experts will guide, advice and partner with you in this journey towards sustainability.

We offer solutions on Sustainability and Climate Change:

Decarbonization, Carbon Neutrality, Carbon-offsetting and Net-Zero strategy

Developing a Systematic Approach to ESG

ESG Reporting

Development of Sustainable Practices

Training and Capacity Building

Word from the Board

The Need of the Hour

Climate change is a big issue that concerns everyone. However, sustainability can play an important role in reversing/controlling the harm caused to our environment. Our strategies are meant to guide clients on how to accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth. We believe that anthropogenic activities effect the climate, devastating our planet and, with this, our future. To avoid a worst-case scenario: work together, find solutions and then make real progress. We closely work with clients to push their business towards sustainability in all aspects -- be it decarbonization and net-zero, energy optimization, becoming water positive or wood negative and zero waste to landfills.


GHG Emssions comes directly from Industries

1.5 - 5 °C

Expected increase, in global average temperatures by 2050


Increase in fossil fuel consumption. Resource extraction tripled since 1970.


GHG Emission comes from Energy sector, which is the highest contributor

Sources : United States Environmental Protection Agency, Mckinsey & Company & United Nations

Marching towards Climate Change & Sustainability

To achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, we need more than just political leadership and policy change. We need innovation. This is an opportunity for us to be more resilient and ensure a better future.

We are here to make better decisions in the face of uncertainty. With our expertize, analytical abilities and insights, we help assess a company’s climate risks and find opportunities. Alongside, we prepare clients for the global climate challenges. We advise how to contribute to sustainable development goals by using resources efficiently and reduce costs without compromising on accomplishing your mission. The efficient use of resources contributes to the society at large as every action yields positive results for all sections of people.


As per Net Zero Commitments


As we seek to mitigate the ill effects of climate change and march towards sustainable living, CCSL is committed to the agreements and commitments made at the Glasgow COP-26 and the Paris Agreement. While businesses have different interests and goals, we at CCSL customize our approaches and offer solutions that best suit your needs. Our mindfulness towards the planet, besides being the need of the hour, will also prove economically beneficial for the future.

Roadmap towards Net Zero

To achieve our goals, we have developed a roadmap based on the current
technological and logistical challenges that the company faces to deliver its mission and vision.